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Munten & Penningen

1696. Aansprekersoproer

Amsterdam € 185,-

Obv. Neptune in biga drawn by seahorses to right; above to left and right, blowing wind; below floating in the waves, nest with kingfishers flying off. Legend: MOTOS PRÆSTAT COMPONERE FLVCTVS (=it is better to control the billowing waves)

Rev. On a banner it reads: HALCYONIBUS REDVCTIS / SENATVS AMSTELOD / CIVIBVS SVIS HOC / ANTIQVÆ VIRTVTIS / SPECTAT ÆQ FIDEI / PRÆMIUM LARGITVR (The Halcyons having returned, the city council of Amsterdam gives its citizens this gift of ancient virtue and wondrous faith); Again two kingfishers in a nest floating on the sea, in exergue MDCXVI.

Soort Penningen
Boeknummer MHB0735
Jaartal 1696
Medailleur R. Arondeaux
Materiaal Zilver 25.540 gr
Maten 39 mm
referentie vL. IV 161/221.3
Kwaliteit Bijna prachtig
Extra De kleine penning voor de schutters
Bijzonderheid The riots ocurred in January 1696 when the city’s undertakers, concerned by funeral reforms including steep taxes to fund the war with France, took to the streets and sacked a number of official buildings. They were almost immediately put down by troops who were rushed to the city by the authorities.