Munten & Penningen

1861. Einweihung der Synagoge zu Köln

Jacques Wiener Verkocht € 400,-

Obv. Relief image of the Synagogue building, with German legend around edge, SYNAGOGE ZU COELN EINGEWEIHT AM 29 AUGUST 1861 and the architect's name in exergue E.F.ZWIRNER ARCHIT.

Rev. View of interior with Hebrew inscriptions, translated on the right as, 'Abraham Oppenheim Built a House of God for the People of Cologne' and on the left as 'It was Rededicated on the 23rd of Elul. Remember that God is good'.

Soort Penningen
Boeknummer MHD0679
Jaartal 1861
Medailleur Jacques Wiener
Materiaal Bronze
Maten 59.4 mm, 88 gr.
referentie Hoydonck 182; Weiss BW656
Kwaliteit Obv. lightly discoloured, otherwise almost extremely fine.
Extra The inauguration of this magnificent, neoislamic synagogue took place in 1861. The building was noteworthy for its Moorish style, inspired by the Alahambra in Spain, and for being uniquely designed in the style of a [square] Greek Cross. It had seats for 226 men and 140 women. The Synagogue was in existence until 1938 when it was destroyed during Kristal-Nacht (though the Torah Scrolls were saved by a Cologne priest Gustav Meinertz) Funding for the new synagogue was provided by Abraham Oppenheim (whose name is mentioned in the Hebrew inscription), a son of the banker Salomon Oppenheim. Cologne's Modern Opera now sits on the site of the 19th century Glockengasse Synagogue.