Munten & Penningen

1812. Isaac Hull

R. Reich € 750,-

Obv. Bust of Isaac Hull left, legend around ISAACUS HULL PERITOS ARTE SUPERAT JUL. MDCCCXII [ET] AUG. CERTAMINE FORTES (‘Isaac Hull conquers in July 1812 the skilled by stratagem (and) in August the powerful in battle’), R. (for Reich) on truncation.

Rev. Starboard-quarter view of HMS 'Guerriere' dismasted and starboard broadside view of USS 'Constitution'. Around and in exergue HORAE MOMENTO VICTORIA / INTER CONST. NAV. AMER. ET GUER. ANGL. (‘between the American ship Constitution and the English vessel Guerriere’).

Soort Penningen
Boeknummer MHD0701
Jaartal 1812
Medailleur R. Reich
Materiaal Bronze 135 gr.
Maten 65 mm
Kwaliteit Nearly extremely fine
Extra Rare!