Munten & Penningen

1917. Wilson's successes / Wilsons Werbung bei den Neutralen

Karl Goetz Verkocht € 285,-

Obv. Uncle Sam, holding a branch of palm behind his back, whistles to a dragon (China) to garner its attention into declaring war on Germany WERBUNG (Recruiting).

Rev. Four persons in their national costumes (Scandinavia, Netherlands -with tulip-, Spain and Switzerland) seated on a bench with their backs to the whistle call on the obverse. The obverse indicates that he has succeeded with China but the reverse indicates that he gets the cold shoulder from the other Neutrals WILSON'S ERFOLGE 1917

Soort Penningen
Boeknummer MHE1141
Jaartal 1917
Medailleur Karl Goetz
Materiaal Iron cast
Maten 58 mm
referentie Kienast 194
Kwaliteit Extremely fine with brown patine
Extra President Wilson tried to convince the Neutrals to declare war on Germany.