Munten & Penningen

1923. The last battle at Birkenbaum

Die letzte Schlacht am Birkenbaum Karl Goetz € 280,-

Obv. A birch tree stands in the foreground amongst a wind blown wheat field. Broken fetters are lying at its base; a head with clenched fists rises from the ground on the horizon ES KOMMT - DER TAG! (The day will come).

Rev. A shepherd with his flock stand by a stone marker dated 1923. He looks into the distant clouds where a naked Walküre on horseback rides toward the sun. In the sky appear the words ZWISCHEN / LIPP'U. RUHR / DIE LETZTE SCHLACHT / AM BIRKENBAUM (Between the Lippe and the Ruhr-The Last Battle at the birch tree). K • G in exergue.

Soort Penningen
Boeknummer MHE1117
Jaartal 1923
Medailleur Karl Goetz
Materiaal Bronze cast medal 58,45 gr.
Maten 62 mm
referentie Kienast 298
Kwaliteit Extremely fine
Extra Based on the Westphalian saga that the last battle against evil would be fought between the rivers Lippe and Ruhr, and that victory would come at the birch tree (Birkenbaum). The implications are obvious. The evil being the foreign troops between Lippe and Ruhr. The victor will be Germany in the end.