Munten & Penningen

Denarius (14–12 BC)

Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD) € 575,-

Obv. bare head right. In legend CAESAR / AVGVSTVS

Rev. within wreath shield S·P·Q·R / CL·V, above and below OB. CIVIS – SERVATOS

Soort Munten
Boeknummer ACRE0001
Heerser Augustus 27 BC –14 AD
Jaartal ca. 14–12 BC
Materiaal Silver
referentie Coh. 215; RIC 79a
Kwaliteit Very fine+ / very fine
Bijzonderheid The reverse depicts both the Clippus Virtutis, or "shield of Valour," and the Corona Civica, or "Civic Crown," both voted by the Senate to honor Octavian / Augustus as the savior of the state.
Maten 17,4 x 19 mm; 3,7 gr.