Overview of the Dutch coins from 1795-2001
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After careful consideration, I have decided to use my own numbering system for all the coins in this database. I am fully aware that this may take some getting used to for collectors. So why am I using a completely new numbering system instead of the existing one? First of all, since 1975 there have been too many new coins and variants that had to be included in this database, and the existing system did not offer sufficient scope for them all. Another important reason is that over the years, following the additions to the various reprints of my father’s book, the sequencing had become less logical and there were a few cases of doubles. Lastly, my own numbering system gives me the opportunity to arrange this database in a very contemporary way. The starting point is that it must be possible to use the database to identify a coin with very little prior knowledge, so that even a less experienced collector or a novice can find their way around easily.

To make this new numbering system as user-friendly as possible, the new number for each item is indicated by LSch. (no.), followed by the old number designated as Sch. (no.). There is also an overview (concordance) that can be printed or downloaded as an Excel sheet. You can therefore also record your own collection / administration in this Excel sheet. You can also consult the concordance table under the heading ‘HANDBOOK’ in the menu bar or click on the gold button below.