Munten & Penningen

EL Hekte

Mytilene Verkocht € 1.500,-

Obv. head of Hermes to the right, wearing petasos.

Rev. panther right in linear square.

Soort Munten
Boeknummer ACG0004
Regio Lesbos
Subgebied Mytilene
Jaartal (± 370 BC)
Materiaal Electrum
referentie Bodenstedt Pl.56.83; BMC 68; SNG v.Aul. 1724; SNG cop. 313
Kwaliteit Very fine
Bijzonderheid ± 10 mm; 2.53 gr.
Extra The name "electrum" is the Latinized form of the Greek word ἤλεκτρον (èlektron), mentioned in the Odyssey referring to a metallic substance consisting of gold alloyed with silver