Munten & Penningen

Serratus (±83 - 82 BC)

Q. Antonius Balbus € 200,-

Obv. Laureate head of Jupiter right, S·C behind.

Rev. Victory in quadriga right holding wreath and palm branch, C below horses. In exergue Q.ANT O.BA.B / PR.

Soort Munten
Boeknummer ACRR0003
Periode Roman Republic
Jaartal (± 83–82 BC)
Materiaal Silver
referentie Cr. 364/1d; B. 1; Syd. 742b
Kwaliteit Almost extremely fine, rev. slightly off centre
Medailleur Q. Antonius Balbus
Bijzonderheid ± 19 mm, 3.76 gr.
Extra Q. Antonius Balbus was a member of the Marian party, and was appointed praetor of Sardinia in 82 B.C.