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The Oxford Classical Dictionary

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Boeknummer BA0150
Auteur Edited by Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth
Kwaliteit As new, with dust jacket
Bijzonderheid Oxford University Press 1996. Hardcover, 1704 pag. Gezien de afmetingen kan dit boek NIET als brievenbuspakketje worden verzonden!
Extra For almost half a century The Oxford Classical Dictionary has been the unrivalled one-volume reference work on the Greco-Roman world. Whether one is interested in literature or art, philosophy or law, mythology or science, intimate details of daily life or broad cultural and historical trends, the OCD is the first place to turn for clear, authoritative information on all aspects of the ancient world. In over six thousand entries ranging from long articles to brief definitions the Third Edition provides for the insights and interests of a new generation of classical scholars. Readers will find substantial coverage of women in the ancient world with entries on abortion, breast-feeding, and motherhood; sexuality including homosexuality, love and friendship, contraception, and pornography; Asia and the far east with entries ranging from Gandhara to the Persian Gulf; Jews; and early Christians. In addition new thematic articles reflect the current emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches to classical studies. These articles include anthropology and the classics, Marxism and classical antiquity, and literary theory and classical studies, while others examine issues of general interest to modern readers such as race, class struggle, ethnicity, alcoholism, incest, propaganda, suicide, pollution, and much more. The OCDis a truly international work of collaborative scholarship with entries from the world's top classical scholars, and the very best experts providing specialist subject area knowledge. Specialist area advisers include Pat Easterling on Greek literature, Tony Honore on Roman law, Amelie Kuhrt on Near Eastern studies, John Matthews on late antiquity, and Martha Nussbaum on philosophy, making this the ultimate authority on the classical world. Contributors. Over 364 of the very best scholars in classics from all over the world, including Albert Henrichs, Fritz Graf, Gian Biagio Conte, Oswyn Murray, Elaine Fantham, Julia Annas, J. J. Pollitt, and Michael Jameson.
Jaartal 1996