Jacob Schulman

Jacob was born on April 11, 1849 in Hilversum. In September 1873, Jacob joined his father David Schulman in the business. David was an antique dealer / jeweller and master clockmaker and his business was located in Hilversum. David and Jacob traded there in jewellery, gold and silver, corals, watches, clocks, antiques, coins and medals.

Jacob's main hobby was collecting coins from the former Dutch East Indies and medals. In 1880, Jacob Schulman's first catalogue of Dutch coins appeared. A catalogue with fixed prices 'c'est une nouveauté', as he himself wrote in the foreword. Many more would follow, but this event is seen as the official beginning of the J. Schulman company.

Jacob further focused on numismatics and established his own company on the Langestraat, corner of the Lieve Vrouwestraat in Amersfoort. Jacob built his numismatic business up from his hobby. His specialisations were Eastern coins, coins from Portugal/Brazil and the rest of South America. In 1889 he held his first coin auction in his own name. Jacob's reputation in the Netherlands and abroad grew, and Jacob was also very active in the social field.

veiling schulman munten

In 1894 a very special occurrence took place in Amersfoort, which the whole city was full of. A treasure was found during the renovation of Anna van der Heijden's house on the Nieuwstraat. This treasure consisted of one large jar and two small jars of gold and silver coins. The large jar contained over 25 pounds (12½ kilograms) of gold coins that were still in good condition. Unfortunately, most of the 19 pound of silver coins were oxidised. According to Jacob Schulman, who was of course called in as an expert, the oldest coin dated from 1504 and the youngest from 1558. It was a miracle that the treasure could have remained hidden for over 330 years, because Amersfoort was continuously exposed to sieges in those years on account of the quarrels of the Utrecht bishops with Holland and Gelderland. The treasure was auctioned on June 18, 1894, by Jacob Schulman in Amersfoort.

Maurits & André Schulman

In November 1873, Jacob Schulman married in Zutphen Mina Frohwein from Wallenstein (Germany), with whom he had three sons and four daughters. Two of the sons (Maurits & Andreas) would later join the business and their descendants are still employed in our company  Laurens Schulman bv.

Jacob Schulman

Jacob Schulman

April 11, 1849 - Februari 28, 1914
Son of David Schulman

Maurits Schulman

Maurits Schulman

November 11, 1876 - July 2, 1943
son of Jacob Schulman

Andreas Schulman

André Schulman

November 21, 1877 - November 23, 1936
son of Jacob Schulman

At the end of the 19th century, the two sons André and Maurits Schulman had joined their father Jacob in the business. The activities had now expanded to such an extent that the establishment in Amersfoort had become too cramped. That is why the business moved from Amersfoort to Amsterdam (Keizersgracht 448) in 1902. Here Jacob Schulman was able to carry out his numismatic hobby and business for another 12 years after the move. He lived at the Keizersgracht above the business. Jacob died in Amsterdam at the age of 64 and left his sons Maurits and André a thriving business.

Maurits Schulman expanded the business together with his brother, who was one year younger. The duo even managed to help the company through the First World War and the American stock market crisis. "L'Histoire se répète": Maurits shared the predilection for coins and medals from Portugal/Brazil and from the rest of South America with his father Jacob. In addition, he developed knowledge of Greek and Roman coins, which added a new dimension to the company. Maurits's son Hans (born 13 May 1913 in Amsterdam) emigrated to America in 1938 under the threat of the Second World War. In New York he started his own numismatic company under the name of Hans Schulman.

André Schulman was internationally highly regarded as a connaisseur of medals and, in the scientific field, was a member of merit of the Royal Dutch Numismatic Society and of the Royal Archaeological Society. André published several articles. For example, the Jaarboek voor Munt- en Penningkunde (Annual Numismatic Magazine) published a number of his articles on rare, mainly medieval Dutch coins, on Dutch and foreign lottery tokens and commemorative tokens from the Dutch East Indies. He also compiled the catalogues of a number of important Dutch and foreign collections of coins and medals, the auctions of which were entrusted to the company 'J. Schulman'. Many of those catalogues and prospectuses, that were compiled with such great care and accuracy, have proved to be of lasting value. André died in 1936.

Jacques Schulman

Jacques Schulman was born on April 6, 1906. On September 5, 1927, he joined his father André Schulman and his uncle Maurits Schulman in the business. After the death of his father, Jacques Schulman started his own company in The Hague in 1937. Due to the evacuation of Scheveningen (construction of the Atlantic Wall), he returned to Amsterdam in 1943 by horse and carriage. His uncle Maurits had meanwhile been transported to camp Westerbork by the occupying forces. Maurits eventually succumbed in Sobibor. That ended the firm by name of J. Schulman. Jacques moved back into the vacant building on the Keizersgracht, where he continued his company Jacques Schulman under the supervision of the Germans. Together with his wife Helena, he brought the company to great prosperity after the Second World War, each with their own contributions. Jacques had 4 children, 3 sons and 1 daughter. The youngest son Laurens Schulman is still active in numismatics (Laurens Schulman bv). Through his many studies, Jacques developed into a great international numismatic expert. He studied at the Cabinet de Medaille, the Ecole du Louvre and the Sorbonne in Paris. But also at the British Museum in London. Jacques also founded his own publishing house, and wrote a large number of publications himself, including the Handbook of Dutch Coins (for more information, see the page on the Schulman Number). Jacques was also very active in association life and co-founded the 1st Numismatic Circle of Collectors, was at the basis of the world association of dealers in numismatics (A.I.N.P) and was its chairman for 8 years and treasurer for 19 years. In addition, he was eight times chairman of the 'Old Art and Antiques Fair Delft' Foundation and co-board member of the Association of Dealers in Ancient Art in the Netherlands.


Jacques Schulman received the Knight
of Orange Nassau honour in recognition
of his merits for numismatics as a science.

Laurens Schulman

Laurens Schulman was born on April 18, 1948 in Amsterdam. Initially, Laurens did not start his working life at Jacques Schulman bv, but found a job in a different area. At the end of the sixties, the Jacques Schulman bv company was strengthened after all when the sons Robert and Laurens joined the business. Laurens's specialties are Dutch coins and medals and paper money from all over the world. He wrote several publications on these subjects. He is also an expert on modern forgeries. Laurens is a qualified auctioneer, sworn valuer and co-founder and examiner of the valuers exam (numismatics). Laurens is a member of the Royal Dutch Numismatic Society.

Laurens Schulman
Laurens Schulman Bussum

Foto: First door-plate of the company

Laurens Schulman bv in Bussum

Laurens Schulman bv

After his parents had retired from their working life, Jacques Schulman bv ceased to exist and Laurens Schulman, together with his wife Carla, started a company under his own name in Bussum in 1987: the current Laurens Schulman bv. In 1988 Laurens and Carla held their first auction in their own name. This auction took place in Hotel Jan Tabak in Bussum.The company Laurens Schulman bv is now no longer located in Bussum but has moved to Harderwijk and it focuses mainly on sales via its own website and on participation of trade fairs.

Carla Schulman-Ruhé

Carla Ruhé was born on November 17, 1949 in Amsterdam. On August 22, 1970, she married Laurens Schulman. Together, they had a son and a daughter, Jurriaan and Yvette. In 1987, Carla exchanged her career as a math teacher for that of a numismatist. In that year she and her husband Laurens started their own numismatic company in Bussum. Carla Schulman's specialties are medals and numismatic books.

Yvette Schulman

Yvette Schulman was born on March 31, 1976 in Amsterdam. Like her father Laurens, Yvette did not start her working life within numismatics either. Nevertheless, the origin of her choice of profession lay in the work of her parents. In 1989, Laurens and Carla were robbed in their home office. This, of course, had a major impact on the whole family. Fortunately, the perpetrators were arrested some time later after a major police investigation. Yvette's initial choice of career as a police officer is therefore not surprising.

At the end of 2014, Yvette decided to make the switch to numismatics, and has been working ever since (now as the 5th generation!) at Laurens Schulman bv. Yvette is a board member of the Royal Dutch Numismatic Society and Fidem delegate for the Netherlands.