Mint-marks & mint master’s marks

King Willem I 1815-1840

The handbook of the Dutch coins from 1795 - 2001

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A mint-mark is the mark put on a coin to indicate the Mint, that is, the city where the Mint is located. A mint master's mark is the personal mark of the mint master.

At the time of King Willem I (1813-1840) the following mint-marks and mint master marks have been used:


Utrecht: Mercury staff

Brussels: B

Mint master’s marks:

Mint master Y.D.C. Suermondt: cloverleaf (2nd half 1815) swaddled baby or helmet sign (1817), Torch (1818-1838)

Mint master P.C.G. Poelman: Lily (1838-1840)

Mint master G.D. Bourgogne Herlaer (only in Brussels): Palm branch (1821-1830)