Munten & Penningen

1921. King of cards / Kartenkönig

Bronze cast medal Karl Goetz € 280,-

Obv. SCHEIN in ribboned banner. Wilhelm II approaches the Netherlands tax office with NIEDERLÄND STEUERAMT on the door, still wearing his Kaiser uniform with sword, Wilhelm extends his upturned helmet in a begging position EIN ARMER MANN.......BITTE, ICH HABE NUR 1 1/2 MILL GULDEN ( I am a poor man, please, I have only 1 1/2 million Gulden). A tax office employee looks at the Kaiser from the office window with potted tulips, 1921 in exergue.

Rev. UND SEIN (and Reality) in ribboned banners on the left and right. The former Kaiser depicted as the King of Hearts, holds a treasure box inscribed, 160 / MILLIONEN / GOLD. K-G in the left and right field.

Soort Penningen
Boeknummer MHE0906
Jaartal 1921
Medailleur Karl Goetz
Materiaal Bronze cast medal
Maten 60 mm
referentie Kienast 277
Kwaliteit Extremely fine
Extra Satirizing the exiled former Kaiser’s tax declaration and his actual net worth.