Munten & Penningen

2 Soldi n.d. (1684 or 1691)

Italy, Venice € 85,-

Obv. winged lion of Saint Mark facing.

Rev.❀ / DALMA· / E·T / ALBAN· / ❀ (Dalmatia and Albania).

Soort Munten
Boeknummer CF0008
Heerser Marcantonio Giustinian 1684-1688 or Francesco Morosini 1688-1694.
Regio Italy
Subgebied Venice
Materiaal Copper
Kwaliteit Very fine+
Bijzonderheid The Venetian occupied lands on the Dalmatian an ‘Albanian’ (Epirote) coasts. The coins of Dalmatia and ‘Albania’ can be considered as coins of several countries: Venice, Albania of today, Dalmatia in Croatia and Epirus in Greece.